Our Responsibility

Since 2016 we have put our heart and soul into highest quality and unique design. We combine tradition with zeitgeist and create authentic favourites for individualists and free spirits.

From belts to travel bags, every single one of our products is unique, handmade and designed with great attention to detail to carry you through the highs and lows of everyday life.

The name Vill Okse is inspired by quirky and loving relatives and tells of deceleration, loyalty and honesty - traditional values, which are still written in capital letters by the Vill Okse of the Ganges Valley.


We are convinced that the true sustainability of a product is not only measured by its production conditions. Its durability is equally crucial. That’s why we set the highest standards for our quality and work exclusively with robust, authentic materials that guarantee happiness in the long run.

Environmental friendly!

We are constantly working to minimize our impact on the environment. This includes, among other things, using energy and raw materials sparingly. The tanneries are located in state-approved and controlled, modern areas. Water quantities are strictly rationalised. Waste water is pre-treated and post-treated according to regulations. The import and export of materials is carefully controlled and taxed.

Together with the tanneries, we continuously develop our recipes further and support them intensively in raising their social and ecological standards. A large proportion of our leather comes from tanneries that are members of the Leather Working Group and that have achieved the status of “Gold Members” by complying with strict criteria.

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